110 Deg Hinge - No Dowels

  • $1.95

110 Degree Hinge, Clip On style. No Dowels
* Three Different Variations - 0mm, 8mm and 15mm cranks.

* This hinge is sold bulk, no screws. They are not individually packaged with instructions or mounting plates.
* 200 pc per case.

* Standard 35mm mounting hole - Range from 3mm to 7mm supported on the tab distance. (From the edge of the hole to the edge of the door. The "K" measurment)
* Door thickness range form 16mm to 26mm (5/8" to 1")

* This item requires a mounitng plate to become a working hinge. Plate options:
FCL-S series Face Frame plate
CLK series steel Euro style plate.
Have any questions, feel free to email and we will help.

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